Thank You for Your Interest in HCA!

Students who attend HCA receive a high-quality, Christ-centered education that equips them for life!

Steps for Enrollment

  • Step 1 – Application and Supporting Documents

Please complete and submit the following forms. An application cannot be considered until completed forms are submitted.

  1. Application for Admission – to be completed by the student and family
    • Principal-Counselor Recommendation – to be completed by the student’s current Principal or Counselor
    • English Teacher Recommendation – to be completed by the student’s current English teacher
  2. Student’s Life Form – to be completed by the student
  3. Transcript of Courses, Credits, and Grades from the past three years (in English)
  4. Financial Statement to provide Proof of Ability to Pay
  5. Picture of student and family
  • Step 2 – Acceptance and Enrollment

When a student is accepted at HCAHS, an acceptance letter will be emailed to you. Upon receiving the email, please submit the following fee and forms. Enrollment cannot be finalized until all the forms and fees are submitted.

  1. US $2000 Enrollment Fee
  2. Authority to Grant Consent and Permissions
  3. Emergency and Medical Consent Form
  4. Current Immunization/Vaccination Record (in English)
  5. Proof of medical insurance

 After the Enrollment Fee has been received, the following will be sent to you.

  1. Acceptance Letter
  2. I-20 Form from Hope Christian Academy
  3. A Receipt for the Application Fee and Enrollment Fee
  4. School Calendar
  • Step 3 – Visa and Final Payment

A helpful website to use as a reference is

  1. Once you have received the I-20, go online and pay the SEVIS I-901 fee ( For Students)
  2. Make an appointment at the closest US Embassy or Consulate to apply for your F-1 Visa
  3. Check the website of the Embassy or Consulate for a complete list of required documents
  4. Take all required documents with you. This may include:
    • The passport
    • The acceptance letter
    • The I-20 form from Hope Christian Academy
    • The receipts for any payments made
      Proof of payment of US $200 SEVIS I-901 fee
    • Proof of the family financial support
    • Proof of connections to home country after schooling is finished
    • A  2” x 2” photograph (please check to see if there are any changes to this requirement)
    • Application forms, including the online DS-160 visa application
  1. Inform Hope Christian Academy as soon as a Visa is granted
  2. Send payment of US $17,000 to finalize your enrollment (by August 1)
  • Step 4 – Course Selection and Travel Plans

  1. Plan to arrive at Hope Christian Academy several days prior to the start of the school year.
  2. Inform Hope Christian Academy of finalized flight and arrival day/time as soon as travel arrangements are made.
  3. Orientation for new international students will begin one day prior to the first day of school.

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