HCA Athletics

Hope Christian Academy encourages students to use their God given talents and abilities outside the regular classroom setting in co-curricular activities.

Athletics is a vital part of the educational process of many students at HCAHS. Over 75% of our students participate in a co-curricular activity and many are three sport athletes. Athletics exist to give a unique opportunity to teach and train students through athletic competition, always keeping in mind I Corinthians 10:31, “So, whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” Student athletes learn to handle themselves during competition using good Christian sportsmanship throughout their high school years and then applying those actions to live a Christian life.

We emphasize the following for all our athletic programs:

  1. provide a positive Christian image and witness in practice, competition, and in the community.
  2. be challenged with opportunities for physical, mental, emotional, and social (sportsmanship) development as a Christian.
  3. experience group concepts such as team play, loyalty, sacrifice, hard work, fair play, common goals, and fulfilling individual roles through competition and play from the perspective of a Christian.
  4. practice self-discipline and social and emotional maturity as a Christian during competition and pressure situations.
  5. develop a sense of Christian pride and spirit for the school and everyone involved with the school.
  6. develop a desire for physical fitness now and for the future.
  7. develop a level of leadership qualities and skills, with respect to God-given abilities.

Kris Ruth, Athletic Director

Athletic Associations

Hope Christian Academy is a member of the Michigan High School Athletic Association, the Michigan Independent Athletic Conference, offering the following sports:


  • Volleyball
  • Soccer


  • Basketball 


  • Baseball*
  • Softball*
  • Track

*High school only. Not available for middle school at this time.

Learn more at our Athletics Website

Hawks Live!

HCA has teamed up with the National Federation of High School’s Network to offer live streaming and on demand video of events. Three levels of membership are offered:


Monthly paid subscription


Annual paid subscription


Free subscription
(non-sporting events)

Paid subscriptions offer access to all live home events taking place in our gym, on demand videos of previously live streamed events, and any away games at locations using the NFHS Network. (Over half of our conference schools are using this service.)

Free subscriptions give access to all non-sporting events taking place in our gym (concerts, graduation, etc.)
Go to NFHSnetwork.com and follow for a free membership, or subscribe for a paid account.


Season Passes are available for all home games:




Come Visit Us!

The best way to learn more about HCA is to visit the school, meet with the principal, and see if HCA is a good fit for your student. Please click on the link to schedule a tour. Once we receive the form, we will give you a call to coordinate details.