HCA Fine Arts

Hope Christian’s fine arts programs encourage students to cultivate their musical, artistic, and creative abilities.

HCA Chorus

“As long as we live, there is never enough singing.” -Martin Luther

In choir, we are learning to create something of beauty. Music is one of God’s greatest blessings and exists on this earth to express. Each person involved works together to create this special place where great music can be learned, understood, and expressed.

The HCA Chorus travels to different Lutheran churches in the area and sings a variety of choral literature for worship services. In addition, they spend the year preparing to sing for multiple concerts throughout the year: the Christmas Concert, the Easter Concert, and the Spring Concert. HCA choir students acquire a variety of musical skills able to be used throughout life, which takes daily individual effort. In choir students will learn the elements of musical language and will practice using that language independently through sight-singing with excellent phrasing, pitch, and rhythm. They will sing with good breath support and create a vibrant, free and open vocal tone. Students practice the craft of ensemble singing through daily exercises and preparation for performance. Students learn all styles of choral literature from the Renaissance to the Contemporary periods.

Concert Band, Pep Band, Jazz Band

Students have the opportunity to develop their God-given musical talents by playing instruments in the HCA Band. Through participation in this program, the students become acquainted through both rehearsal and performance with instrumental music from various sources and periods. The students develop skills in the performance of instrumental music, both secular & religious.
Rehearsals are held during the school day. During rehearsals, the director guides the students through instrumental technique, development of tone, intonation, balance, articulation, and dynamics, and the study of music theory.
The Band performs in concert and at sporting events several times during the school year. All Band members play in the Concert Band and Pep Band. Most also play in Jazz Band, although some switch to different instruments.


Each fall, members of our Hawk Singers have the opportunity to perform with other select high school travel choirs across the country. This four-day trip is the highlight of the choral year giving performers the opportunity to work with top clinicians. Visit here for more information: https://www.welsfinearts.org/2021-wels-national-choral-fest

Hawk Singers

Members of the HCA Chorus have the additional opportunity to participate in an advanced program, the HCA Hawk Singers. This “elite” group, selected by audition, travels to churches around the area to sing for HCA Sundays. They also visit area Lutheran Elementary Schools in the spring to perform for recruitment purposes. Each fall, they attend the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) Choral Festival with WELS high schools from across the country; this event allows for the singers to learn from a variety of accomplished directors, perform advanced compositions, and develop friendships with singers from around the country. Musical literature selected for this group is considered college preparatory literature.

Michigan Solo, Ensemble, Band Festival

The HCA Band is a member of the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association (MSBOA). Band members have the opportunity to participate in the MSBOA Solo & Ensemble Festivals each year.

Selected Band members also have the opportunity to participate in the annual Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod Band Festival. This festival brings together high school performers from across the country giving the opportunity to practice and perform together while working with top clinicians. Visit here for more information: https://www.welsfinearts.org/band-fest


The HCA Drama program exists to provide the student body with an opportunity to develop and express their skills and talents in the performing arts. Depending upon the year, students involved in this program perform a variety of genres, including comedy, drama, and musical theater.

HCA’s drama program strives to involve all interested students in productions, allowing students opportunities to learn acting, set construction, staging, and costuming. Performances are held annually and rehearsals are flexibly scheduled to allow students to participate in athletics and drama simultaneously.


In this elective course, students devote themselves to the development and publication of the school yearbook, equipping themselves with skills applicable to a modern work environment. The yearbook staff all hold unique positions and are responsible for completing a variety of tasks to make publication possible. Each student learns how to work together with their classmates as a team, making decisions on layout and design, creating goals and deadlines, and evaluating their own work and that of others. All yearbook staff members also study and practice photojournalism at school events throughout the year.

Visual Art

Students electing classes in the visual arts explore the basic elements and principles of design using a wide variety of mediums such as: water colors, tempera paints, charcoal, colored pencil, ink, wire, linoleum blocks, foam board, textiles, chalk, and ceramics. Many medium are explored to give students a familiarity with many aspects of art.

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