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A Note from our Guidance Counselor

HCA  assists students in their development as life-long servants of Christ. As the guidance counselor, I strive to  guide students individually through the career and college planning process.  HCA provides a wide variety of opportunities to explore career paths, meet with college admission counselors, and prepare for college entrance exams.

Kris Ruth

Student Timeline Summary

Download guidance timelines below.

Grade 9

At this stage, you’re laying the foundation for your high school career. This is a time to establish your academic and extracurricular credentials. You can begin to explore options for your career or further education.

Grade 10

Stay on track with your high school classes and activities and begin to narrow down the plan for your future. Be sure to do the very best you can in your school work and stay involved in the extra things you do, both in school and outside of school.

Grade 11

This is a key year in the college planning process. You’ll be taking ACT or SAT tests, exploring careers, narrowing down your college list, and learning about financial aid. You’ll need to stay involved in your high school courses and activities. Remember that colleges will see your freshman to junior years on your transcript, so make your junior year count!

Grade 12

Senior year can be a very busy time, with schoolwork, activities, and special events. In addition, this is the time to start putting your plan for after high school into action, whether this means college, trade school, community college, work, or military. Be sure you work with your plan, take it step by step, and pay attention to deadlines.

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