Joy in Service

A Core Value

HCA is committed to giving students the opportunity to use their gifts and talents to make a difference in the lives of others.* We believe that everything we have is a gift from God to be used to glorify Him and serve one another. Our calling is to be examples of God’s love in this world – because we’re grateful for His love to us! It’s so important to us that it’s one of HCA’s core values.

Why We Serve

There is no doubt that volunteering looks great on college applications, but that is not our primary reason for serving others. Through volunteering and service projects, we instill in our students the values of thankfulness, generosity, and service. It gives us joy to share the blessings God has given us and to see the impact we can have on others. In addition, most events are student-led, giving students the opportunity to practice the leadership, logistics, and people skills that will help them develop into the young adult they are striving to be.

How We Serve

Each student has many opportunities throughout the year to participate on and off campus through a variety of events. Read on for a list of ways we serve our community, other ministries, and our own school!

*Required service hours are for 9-12th grade only, but 6th-8th grade students are provided volunteer opportunities.

Who We Serve

Service to Our Community

Children’s Hospital Toy Drive, Community Closet, Pink-out, and Community Clean-Up are a few of the events we do to serve our community…and we are always looking to add more!

Service to Our Ministries

Through our connections with 18 churches throughout the Detroit Metro Area, we are able to offer many additional opportunities for service.  One of the highlights is partnering with our Spanish-speaking mission in downtown Detroit (Palabra de Vida) to help with a soccer camp and a Valentine’s Day project.

Service to Our School 

Throughout the year we offer over a dozen opportunities for students to achieve volunteer hours right on campus.  Activities include helping with sporting events (score clock, admissions, concessions, refereeing) student ambassadors (school tours and presentations), and Hawk for a Day events (reading to Kindergarten students, assisting with games and activities for elementary students, etc).

“Through my many volunteering opportunities, I have learned that one of the most important questions is: what am I doing for others? HCA has truly allowed me to focus on my service, especially when I expect nothing in return. ” – Student, Class of 2022

Come Visit Us!

The best way to learn more about HCA is to visit the school, meet with the principal, and see if HCA is a good fit for your student. Please click on the link to schedule a tour. Once we receive the form, we will give you a call to coordinate details.